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Experienced in .Net applications and Microsoft technologies

About owner

There are two thinks in my life which are really matters.

First is my family - I am a father of Sebastian and soon Karolina :-), a Husband of Kamila and I realy love to spend as much time as it possible with my family. But when the suns goes down and children goes to asleep there is a second think which really maters - solving programming issues, improving developement skills and making my home as much intelligent as it is possible. Since last three years I`ve managed to desing, assemble and programm my own, driven by mobile phone (soon also by web interface) roller on my sleeping room window. So now when I am going to asleep it is only a matter of one button in my smartphone to cover the window :-). A second thing I`ve done is internal/external temperature and humidity monitor mainly used to monitor if there is a proper environment conditions for my children when they are sleeping or when they are sick :-(. And the last think is this website which soon be a lot more complex than it is. I`ve got also few more ideas to complete in the future - one sames to be quite big - I would like to create my own inteligent vaccum cleaner which will be driven by smartphon - childrens really great in messing up. Dont worry - I know about IRobots and similar solutions but my own vaccum cleaner is my own algorithm. Unfortunately nights are to short to complete all my ideas so I have to be patient.

.Net Developer

As I wrote above my passion is programming so I`ve decided to join my passion with my work life - that is why I`ve become .Net Developer. I`ve spent a lot of months to improve my Web Developement skills, to learn to perfection all standards and tools that I need to use/fulfill in order to do my work as best as it is possible. That is how I`ve managed to learn in advanced level:

  • HTTP 1/1 Protocol
  • Visual Studio
  • C# programming language
  • .NET Framework
  • GIT, SVN
  • Entity Framework, NHibernate
  • Ninject, Unity, SimpleInjector
  • Umbraco CMS

I also have a good knowledge of:

  • Javascripts
  • AngularJS
  • JQuery
  • and a lot more ...